Teacup pigs, mini pigs, teacup potbelly pigs, pixie pigs, pocket pigs, pot belly pigs, whatever you want to call them, this site is usually in regards to the sweetest little pigs you may ever see. If you are searching for any teacup pig we have what you would like. Furthermore we've teacup pigs we have Micro mini pigs and Mini Juliana purebred stock.

Welcome to Angel Enterprise Farm, home of little pigs as well as other miniature animals.

Although for most people the term pig conjures up images of the farm yard with huge pigs rolling in mud, or eating with a pig trough, for some it is a well mannered pig using the family area as you view tv. Teacup potbellied pigs and mini pigs are becoming more popular then ever as domestic pets. They're much smaller than the standard farm pig and also the regular potbelly pig. They're not really teacup size like one imagines except when they're born. Compared to a full grown regular pig at 600-800 pounds or perhaps a full grown potbelly pig at 120-200 pounds after they weigh in at 30-65 lbs they seem like a teacup size. Adults (miniature potbelly pigs) typically weigh around 30 - 65 lbs, are fully-grown at 2-3 many are concerning the height of the cocker spaniel. It is possible to occasionally find breeders with grown pigs in the 25-35 lbs range some are micro size potbellies or pigs that are crossbred with all the mini julianas or micro mini pigs. These people have a projected lifespan of 15-20 years, and therefore are relatively low maintenance pets, requiring roughly the same level of daily care being a dog. Teacup potbellied pigs and mini pigs are popular city pets, and their small size lends itself well to apartment living. Nevertheless they don't navigate long stairs well but short flights of stairs are navigated well.

This is actually the destination to get your teacup pig or mini pig.

We stock mini juliana pigs, micro mini pigs and miniature pigs.They litter box train in a matter of days.

Teacup potbellied pigs and mini pigs make enjoyable pets since they're very intelligent and affectionate. You could be surprised to understand that some think their intelligence rivals that relating to dogs, However, like many animals they are vulnerable to laziness and aggression if not properly exercised and socialized. At times, a grownup pig may raise a challenge up against the owner in so-called dominance aggression, just like any pet will in the beginning and they're going to must be reprimanded gently yet strongly, and taught to respect the owner's authority. They take well to positive reinforcement when they're behaving well, but really should not be physically punished. They could be properly trained, if properly motivated by food along with other rewards and also have been used often times in shows doing tricks like the game of golf, riding a skateboard , located on command and several other tricks.

Pigs should have daily leash-led walks or able to explain to you the house for exercise or they will put on pounds. In the event that your pig is getting too fat you improve their veggies and cut back on grain. They are going to eat nearly endless quantities of food, particularly high-carbohydrate unhealthy food, if allowed, therefore it is vital to restrict your dog's access to the food it craves. They will constantly search for food, and may be put far away in the kitchen or another pets food dish, they really like pet food. Special pig feed can be purchased in a pet store or special-ordered and native feed stores start to carry the specialty feed. Pigs are omnivores, equally thinking about vegetables, meats, sweets, and carbohydrate-based foods.

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During your property they are going to would like your attention being a 2 year old child would. Give them toys to experience with only like children have. Jetski from them stimulated and active and definately will provide you with hours of amusement. You must pig proof your home like you would child proof your home for any 2 yr old. They're very intelligent and spend all of their time racking your brains on how to get more food.

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